An obstetric PATIENT DIAGNOSIS during a Maternity Episode.

National Codes

Code Description
01 Severe pre-eclampsia requiring pre-term birth
02 Haemolytic anaemia, elevated liver enzymes and Low platelet count (HELLP)
03 Eclampsia
04 Puerperal psychosis
05 Liver cholestasis of pregnancy
06 Gestational diabetes mellitus
07 Gestational hypertension
08 Gestational proteinuria
09 Antepartum haemorrhage
10 Postpartum

haemorrhage - requiring additional treatment or transfusion

11 Feto-maternal haemorrhage
12 Antenatal

/ Postpartum thromboembolic disorder

13 Placental abruption
14 Uterine rupture
15 Retained placenta requiring manual removal in theatre
16 Caesarean section
17 Extensive vaginal, cervical or perineal trauma (including third or fourth degree perineal tears)
18 Symphysis pubic dysfunction
19 Placenta praevia
20 Severe pre-eclampsia

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