Terms and conditions

How you can use and reuse the content on this website.

Use of this website is governed by these terms and conditions.

  • Copyright and database rights in the NHS Digital Content are released free-of-charge under the current version of the Open Government Licence (“OGL”), except where specified, either in these terms and conditions, elsewhere on this website or in the OGL terms. This licence does not extend to any other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patents, design rights and trade marks. If there is any conflict between the OGL terms and these terms and conditions these terms and conditions shall take precedence.
  • This means that you can use NHS Digital Content, including copying it, adapting it, and using it for any purpose, including commercially, provided you follow these terms and conditions and the terms of the OGL.
  • The OGL terms do not apply to the following categories of NHS Digital Content, and therefore these must not be used without our or the relevant owner’s prior consent:

    • Any logos, visuals, image rights, trade marks, trade names and design styles (except where these are integral to a document or data set) of NHS Digital, or any predecessor or linked body, as well as of any partner or contributor.
    • Information Standards. NHS Digital permits the copying and re-use of Information Standards, in whole or in part, for commercial and non-commercial purposes but, to protect the integrity of the Information Standards, you are not permitted to adapt, amend or decompile the Information Standards for any purpose without our prior consent.
    • Software, source code and any technical documentation relating to software or source code except where released on the Health Developer Network, a public repository on GitHub, or any other platform we may specify from time-to-time.
    • Information owned by third parties which we are not authorised to licence on to you. This information will be clearly marked. If in doubt, email information.standards@nhs.net.
    • Information gained through any services or sections on this website (or linked websites) which can only be accessed by logged-in users.
    • Any information which is marked as being under a different licence, or not for release.

  • If you do use any NHS Digital Content you must attribute it with the following statement:

    “Information from NHS Digital, licensed under the current version of the Open Government Licence.”

    or in cases where the NHS Digital Content is combined, adapted, or otherwise modified in line with these terms and conditions:

    “Contains information from NHS Digital, licensed under the current version of the Open Government Licence.”

    By using any NHS Digital Content you accept and agree to the following terms:

    • You must not alter, adapt, edit or modify any NHS Digital branding where this is integral to a document or data set.

    • If you do alter, adapt, edit or modify any NHS Digital Content in accordance with these terms and conditions, where possible, you should remove the NHS Digital branding.

    • You may not directly or indirectly suggest any endorsement or approval by NHS Digital of your website or any non-NHS Digital entity, product or content or any views expressed within your website or service.

    • NHS Digital has absolute editorial control over all NHS Digital Content and reserves the right to alter, adapt, edit, modify or restrict the availability of NHS Digital Content without prior notice.

    • You should refresh cached content every 24 hours to ensure you have the most up-to-date version.