NHS Business Definitions

The part of the data model that links the logical classes to the context of the health and care business.

Within this publication, the names of NHS Business Definitions are styled like this: Hospital Provider Spell.

NHS Business Definitions describe how Classes in the NHS Data Model apply to the business of health and care.

An example of an NHS Business Definition is a Hospital Provider Spell, which is the application of the Class ACTIVITY GROUP to the context of a PATIENT's hospital stay.




Item Name
Cancer Care Plan
Cancer Care Spell
Cancer Care Spell Delay
Cancer Clinical Status Assessment
Cancer End of Treatment Summary Plan
Cancer Faster Diagnosis Pathway
Cancer Pathway
Cancer Progression
Cancer Progression Agreed Date (Primary Cancer Pathway)
Cancer Recurrence
Cancer Referral To Treatment Period
Cancer Service
Cancer Site Specific Staging
Cancer Transformation
Cancer Transformation Agreed Date (Primary Cancer Pathway)
Cancer Treatment Period
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test
Care Cluster Assignment Period
Care Contact Cancellation Date
Care Contact Date
Care Contact Time
Care Home
Care Home Stay
Care Home Stay (Consultant Care)
Care Home Stay (Midwife Care)
Care Home Stay (Nursing Care)
Care Home Stay (Residential)
Care Home With Nursing
Care Home Without Nursing
Care Personnel
Care Plan Agreed Date
Care Plan Agreed Time
Care Plan Content Agreed Date
Care Plan Content Agreed Time
Care Plan Creation Date
Care Plan Creation Time
Care Plan Implementation Date
Care Plan Last Updated Date
Care Plan Last Updated Time
Care Professional Admitted Care Episode
Care Professional Clinical Responsibility Timestamp
Care Professional Out-Patient Attendance
Care Professional Out-Patient Episode
Care Programme Approach Care Episode
Care Programme Approach Review
Care Quality Commission
Care Spell
Care Trust
Care Worker
CDS Type
Central Nervous System Cancer Care Spell
Cervical Glandular Intra-epithelial Neoplasia
Cervical Intra-epithelial Neoplasia
Chang Staging System
Chat Room (Synchronous)
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Needs Based Grouping
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Needs Based Grouping Tool
Child or Young Person (Community Services)
Child or Young Person's Mental Health Transition Plan
Child Protection Plan
Child-Pugh Score Calculator
Children and Young People's Mental Health Service
Children Teenagers and Young Adults Cancer Care Spell
Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group
Children's Home
Clarks Level
Clavien-Dindo Classification of Surgical Classifications
Clinic Attendance Consultant
Clinic Attendance Midwife
Clinic Attendance Non-Consultant
Clinic Attendance Nurse
Clinical Commissioning Group
Clinical Commissioning Group Eligibility Decision Date (NHS Continuing Healthcare Standard)
Clinical Commissioning Group Eligibility Decision Outcome Communicated To Patient Date (NHS Continuing Healthcare Standard)
Clinical Dental Technician
Clinical Finding
Clinical Frailty Scale
Clinical Intervention Date
Clinical Intervention Date and Time
Clinical Intervention Time
Clinical Investigation
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Scientist
Clinical Situation
Clinical Trial Decision Date
Clustering Tool
Colorectal Cancer Care Spell
Commissioner Assignment Period
Commissioning Support Unit
Community Bed-based Intermediate Care
Community Bed-based Intermediate Care Service
Community First Responder
Community Health Index (Scotland)
Community Health Partnership (Scotland)
Community Health Service
Community Perinatal Mental Health Partner Assessment
Community Safety Partnership
Consultant Clinic
Consultant Clinic Session
Consultant Episode (Hospital Provider)
Consultant Job Plan
Consultant Led Activity
Consultant Led Service
Consultant Out-Patient Episode
Consultant Upgrade
Consultant Upgrade Date
Counselling Psychologist
Crisis Response Intermediate Care
Crisis Response Intermediate Care Service
Crisis Response Intermediate Care Waiting Time Measurement
Crisis Response Intermediate Care Within 2 Hours Waiting Time Measurement
CT Scan
Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Cytotoxic Chemotherapy










Item Name
National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service
National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training
National Contact Point
National Disease Registration Service
National Information Board
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
National Joint Registry
National Kidney Federation
Neoadjuvant Therapy
Neonatal Critical Care Daily Care Date
Neonatal Critical Care Spell
Neonatal Data Analysis Unit
Neonatal Level Of Care Period
Newborn Blood Spot Test
Newborn Hearing Audiology Test
Newborn Hearing Screening
Newborn Physical Examination
NHS 111 Service
NHS Allied Health Professional Service (Referral To Treatment Measurement)
NHS At Home Service
NHS Blood and Transplant
NHS Breast Screening Programme
NHS Business Services Authority
NHS Continuing Healthcare
NHS Continuing Healthcare (Fast Track)
NHS Continuing Healthcare (Standard)
NHS Continuing Healthcare Care Package Eligibility Status Change Date
NHS Continuing Healthcare Care Package Review Date
NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist
NHS Continuing Healthcare Eligibility Start Date Following Independent Review
NHS Continuing Healthcare Fast Track Pathway Tool
NHS Continuing Healthcare Fast Track Pathway Tool Completed Date
NHS Continuing Healthcare Local Resolution Formal Meeting Date
NHS Continuing Healthcare Local Resolution Informal Meeting Date
NHS Continuing Healthcare Previously Unassessed Period of Care
NHS Continuing Healthcare Previously Unassessed Period Of Care Decision Made Date
NHS Continuing Healthcare Previously Unassessed Period Of Care Eligibility Decision Communicated To Requester Date
NHS Continuing Healthcare Request Received Date
NHS Continuing Healthcare Standard Checklist Completed Date
NHS Dental Services
NHS Digital
NHS England
NHS Foundation Trust
NHS National Chlamydia Screening Programme
NHS Newborn and Infant Physical Examination Programme
NHS Prescription Services
NHS Shared Business Services
NHS Supply Chain
NHS Trust
NHS-funded Nursing Care
NHS-led Provider Collaborative
Non Primary Cancer
Non Primary Cancer Pathway
Non-Consultant Led Activity
Non-Consultant Led Service
Non-Emergency Ambulance
Non-Instructed Advocate
Non-Metropolitan County
Non-Metropolitan District
Non-Specialist Palliative Care
Northern Ireland Local Commissioning Group
Nottingham Prognostic Index
Nurse (Level One)
Nurse (Level Two)
Nurse Clinic
Nurse or Midwife Contact
Nursing and Midwifery Council
Nursing and Midwifery Council Register
Nursing Episode
Nutritional Assessment



Item Name
Package of Care
Package of Care or Year of Care Start Date (Contract Monitoring)
Palliative Care
Palliative Care Episode
Parenteral Nutrition
Pathology Department
Pathology Laboratory
Pathology Laboratory Investigation
Pathology Laboratory Service Report
Patient Initiated Out-Patient Follow Up Appointment
Patient Initiated Out-Patient Follow-Up Pathway
Patient Procedure
Patient Proxy
Patient Transport Service
Patient Transport Service Ambulance
Percentage Weight Loss
Peritoneal Dialysis
Person Stop Smoking Episode
Personal Development Plan
Personal Health Budget
Personalised Care and Support Plan
Personalised Care and Support Planning
Personalised Out-Patient Follow Up Pathway
Personalised Out-Patient Follow Up Pathway Expiry Date
Personalised Out-Patient Follow Up Pathway Review Date
PET Scan
Pharmacy Premises
Pharmacy Technician
Photodynamic Therapy
Physical Activity Vital Sign
Place of Safety
Planned Cancer Treatment
Planned Discharge Date (Hospital Provider Spell)
Police Constabulary
Police Custody Suite
Polling District
Positive Behaviour Support Plan
Post Mortem
Postpartum Care Plan
Practitioner Psychologist
Pregnancy First Contact
Pregnancy First Contact Date
Prescribed Medication Authorised Timestamp
Prescribed Medication Dose To Be Administered Timestamp
Prescribed Medication Record Last Updated Timestamp
Pretext Staging System
Primary Ankle Replacement Surgery
Primary Cancer
Primary Cancer Pathway
Primary Care Trust
Primary Elbow Replacement Surgery
Primary Healthcare Directorate (Isle of Man)
Primary Hip Replacement Surgery
Primary Knee Replacement Surgery
Primary Shoulder Replacement Surgery
Principal Treatment Centre (Children Teenagers and Young Adults)
Procedure Date
Procedure Time
Proton Therapy
Psoralen and Ultraviolet A Therapy
Psychotropic Medication
Public Health England


Item Name
Radiofrequency Ablation
Radioisotope Therapy
Radiology Department
Radiotherapy Attendance
Radiotherapy Department
Radiotherapy Episode
Radiotherapy Exposure
Radiotherapy Fraction
Radiotherapy Machine
Radiotherapy Plan
Radiotherapy Service
Rapid Diagnostic Centre
Rapid Diagnostic Centre Pathway
Rapid Response Vehicle
Reablement Intermediate Care
Reablement Intermediate Care Service
Referral Closure Date
Referral Closure Time
Referral Rejection Date
Referral Rejection Time
Referral To Treatment Period Included In Referral To Treatment Consultant-Led Waiting Times Measurement
Regional Clinical Genetics Service
Registered Medical Practitioner
Regulatory Body
Religious Affiliation
Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring Triggered Out-Patient Follow Up Appointment
Renal Association
Renal Dialysis
Replacement Appointment Booked Date
Replacement Appointment Date Offered
Respiratory Rate
Restrictive Intervention
Restrictive Intervention Post Incident Review
Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening
Revised International Prognostic Index
Revised International Prognostic Scoring System for Myelodysplastic Syndromes Risk Assessment Calculator
Revised International Staging System for Multiple Myeloma
Revision Ankle Replacement Surgery
Revision Elbow Replacement Surgery
Revision Hip Replacement Surgery
Revision Knee Replacement Surgery
Revision Shoulder Replacement Surgery
Rh System
Royal College of Anaesthetists
Royal College of Emergency Medicine
Royal College of General Practitioners
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Royal College of Pathologists
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal College of Radiologists
Royal Marsden
Royal Pharmaceutical Society


Item Name
Safeguarding Children
Sarcoma Cancer Care Spell
Schedule of Growing Skills
Schedule of Growing Skills (Active Posture) Scale Score
Schedule of Growing Skills (Hearing and Language) Scale Score
Schedule of Growing Skills (Interactive Social) Scale Score
Schedule of Growing Skills (Locomotor) Scale Score
Schedule of Growing Skills (Manipulative) Scale Score
Schedule of Growing Skills (Passive Posture) Scale Score
Schedule of Growing Skills (Self-Care Social) Scale Score
Schedule of Growing Skills (Speech and Language) Scale Score
Schedule of Growing Skills (Visual) Scale Score
Scottish Health Board
Screening Population
Screening Programme
Screening Service
Screening Test
Secure Children's Home
Secure Electronic File Transfer
Secure Training Centre
Secure Welfare Accommodation
Sentinel Lymph Node
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
Serum Cholesterol Level
Serum Creatinine Level
Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic
Sexual and Reproductive Health Domiciliary Visit
Sexual and Reproductive Health Service
Sexual Assault Referral Centre
Sexual Health and HIV Episode
Sexual Health Service
Sexually Transmitted Infection Service
Shared Care Consultant
Shared Care Out-Patient Consultant
Skin Cancer Care Spell
SNOMED International
Social Care Wales
Social Care Worker
Social Work England
Social Worker
Society of Radiographers
Sokal Index
Special Health Authority
Specialised Mental Health Exceptional Package of Care
Specialised Service
Specialist Community Public Health Nurse
Specialist Community Public Health Nurse: Family Health Nurse
Specialist Community Public Health Nurse: Health Visitor
Specialist Community Public Health Nurse: Occupational Health Nurse
Specialist Community Public Health Nurse: School Nurse
Specialist Palliative Care
Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Community Service
Speech and Language Therapist
Sport and Exercise Psychologist
St Jude System
Staff Group
Start Date
Start Time
Stem Cell Infusion
Stoma Nurse Specialist
Stop Smoking Service
Strategic Health Authority
Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy
Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Drug Administration
Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Drug Cycle
Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Drug Regimen
Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Service
Systolic Blood Pressure