Strategic Health Authority


All Strategic Health Authorities  closed 31 March 2013

Strategic Health Authority's responsibilities have been taken over by other ORGANISATIONS.

The definition has been retained for historical reporting.

A Strategic Health Authority is an ORGANISATION.

A Strategic Health Authority is an NHS ORGANISATION established to lead the strategic development of the local health service and manage Primary Care Trusts and NHS Trusts on the basis of local accountability agreements.

The main responsibilities of Strategic Health Authorities are:

  • Creating a coherent strategic framework for services development across the full range of local NHS ORGANISATIONS
  • Performance management of local NHS Trusts and Primary Care Trusts
  • Together with Primary Care Trusts and NHS Trusts, enhance the involvement of PATIENTS, the public and health and social care profession in developing services.
References: Shifting the Balance of Power publications

Also Known As

This NHS business definition is also known by these names:

Context Alias
Plural Strategic Health Authorities
Short name SHA