National Joint Registry Data Set - Common Details

National Joint Registry Data Set - Common Details



The National Joint Registry Data Set  collects information on primary Joint Replacement Surgery  and revision Joint Replacement Surgery.

The majority of National Joint Registry Data Set  items relate to the PATIENT's operation details and are collected in the OPERATING THEATRE.

The National Codes for National Joint Registry items match the National Joint Registry  bulk upload codes / system generated codes.

PATIENTS must give their consent for this data to be recorded on the National Joint Registry  Data Entry System (the electronic system for collection and transfer of data). 

Note: the consent is for data in the 'Patient Identifiers' group. Where consent is not given, the 'Patient Details' group and the operation details are still recorded.

Operations included in the National Joint Registry database

Further Guidance

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The Mandation column indicates the recommendation for the inclusion of data.

  • M = Mandatory: this data element is mandatory

  • Optional: this data element is optional.


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