PATIENT USUAL ADDRESS (UNSTRUCTURED (BABY)) is the usual ADDRESS UNSTRUCTURED nominated by the PATIENT, where the ADDRESS ASSOCIATION TYPE is National Code 'Main Permanent Residence' or 'Other Permanent Residence'.

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PATIENT USUAL ADDRESS (UNSTRUCTURED (BABY))  is the same as attribute ADDRESS  for a baby.

PATIENT USUAL ADDRESS (UNSTRUCTURED (BABY))  is the usual  ADDRESS UNSTRUCTURED  nominated by the PATIENT, where the  ADDRESS ASSOCIATION TYPE is National Code  'Main Permanent Residence' or 'Other Permanent Residence'

For the baby in a birth episode, the PATIENT USUAL ADDRESS (UNSTRUCTURED (BABY))  should usually refer to the mother's usual permanent place of residence, unless different circumstances apply (for example the baby is to be taken into care after birth).

If PATIENTS usually resident elsewhere are staying in hotels, hostels or other residential establishments for a short period of time, they should be recorded as staying at their usual permanent place of residence. However if the PATIENT s stay is long term, for example if they are resident at a boarding school, the School ADDRESS must be recorded. University students may nominate either their home ADDRESS or the ADDRESS of their University ACCOMMODATION.

PATIENTS not able to provide a current permanent ADDRESS should be asked for their most recent ADDRESS. If this cannot be established, record the ADDRESS as 'No fixed abode' or 'Address unknown'. These PATIENTS are regarded as resident in the local geographical district for commissioning purposes.

The PATIENT's name and ADDRESS should be withheld from any Commissioning Data Set record which contains a valid NHS NUMBER.

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