Ordinarily Resident

Ordinarily Resident is a term applied to a PERSON.

An Ordinarily Resident is a PERSON who is Ordinarily Resident in the United Kingdom and cannot be charged for NHS hospital healthcare.

Note: The gov.uk website advises that; “Ordinary Residence means, broadly, living in the UK on a lawful, voluntary and properly settled basis for the time being. A PERSON who is not Ordinarily Resident in this country at the time of treatment is not automatically entitled to NHS hospital treatment free of charge. A PERSON who is Ordinarily Resident is not subjected to this charging regime."

For further information on Ordinarily Resident, see the Department of Health part of the gov.uk website at: Guidance on overseas visitors hospital charging regulations.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
alsoknownasNormally Resident
fullnameOrdinary Residence