Cancer Care Plan
Cancer Care Spell
Cancer Care Spell Delay
Cancer Clinical Status Assessment
Cancer Dental Assessment Date
Cancer Referral To Treatment Period
Cancer Service
Cancer Site Specific Staging
Cancer Symptoms First Noted Date
Cancer Treatment Period
Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator
Care Cluster Assignment Period
Care Contact Cancellation Date
Care Contact Date
Care Contact Time
Care Home
Care Home Stay
Care Home Stay (Consultant Care)
Care Home Stay (Midwife Care)
Care Home Stay (Nursing Care)
Care Home Stay (Residential)
Care Home With Nursing
Care Home Without Nursing
Care Plan Agreed Date
Care Plan Creation Date
Care Plan Implementation Date
Care Plan Last Updated Date
Care Professional Admitted Care Episode
Care Programme Approach
Care Programme Approach Care Episode
Care Programme Approach Review
Care Programme Approach Review Date
Care Quality Commission
Care Spell
Care Trust
Care Worker
CDS Type
Central Nervous System Cancer Care Spell
Cervical Glandular Intra-epithelial Neoplasia
Cervical Intra-epithelial Neoplasia
Chang Staging System
Chang Staging System Stage Date
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Needs Based Grouping
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Needs Based Grouping Tool
Child or Young Person (Community Services)
Child Protection Plan
Child Protection Plan End Date
Child Protection Plan Start Date
Child-Pugh Score Calculator
Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group
Children's Global Assessment Scale
Children's Home
Children's Nursing
Children Act 2004
Children Teenagers and Young Adults Cancer Care Spell
Choose and Book
Clarks Level
Clinical Assessment Date
Clinical Classifications Service
Clinical Commissioning Group
Clinical Dental Technician
Clinical Intervention Date
Clinical Intervention Date and Time
Clinical Intervention Time
Clinical Investigation
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Scientist
Clinical Senate
Clinical Stage Date (Pancreatic Cancer)
Clinical Status Assessment Date
Clinic Attendance Consultant
Clinic Attendance Midwife
Clinic Attendance Non-Consultant
Clinic Attendance Nurse
Clustering Tool
Colorectal Cancer Care Spell
Commissioner Assignment Period
Commissioning Support Unit
Community Health Index (Scotland)
Community Health Partnership (Scotland)
Community Health Service
Community Safety Partnership
Community Treatment Order
Community Treatment Order Recall
Consultant Clinic
Consultant Clinic Session
Consultant Episode (Hospital Provider)
Consultant Job Plan
Consultant Led Activity
Consultant Led Service
Consultant Out-Patient Episode
Consultant Upgrade Date
Contact Date
Counselling Psychologist
Critical Care Period Discharge Date and Time
Critical Care Period Start Date and Time
CT Scan
Cytotoxic Chemotherapy