Consultant Upgrade Date

A Consultant Upgrade Date is an ACTIVITY DATE TIME

A Consultant Upgrade Date is the DATE that the CONSULTANT responsible for the care of the PATIENT (or an authorised member of the CONSULTANT team as defined by local policy) decided that the PATIENT should be upgraded onto an urgent Cancer PATIENT PATHWAY.

The Consultant Upgrade Date should only be recorded when the PRIORITY TYPE of the original SERVICE REQUEST was not National Code 'Two Week Wait'.

Consultant upgrades are not allowed for PATIENTS who were urgently referred with suspected cancer from an NHS Cancer Screening Programme (where the SOURCE OF REFERRAL FOR OUT-PATIENTS was National Code 'referral from a National Screening Programme', and the PRIORITY TYPE of the SERVICE REQUEST was National Code 'Urgent'.  Therefore a Consultant Upgrade Date cannot be recorded in these circumstances.

The Consultant Upgrade Date must:


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralConsultant Upgrade Dates