Radiotherapy Data Set Overview


Radiotherapy is a major modality in the treatment of cancer and also represents a significant sector within the NHS, in terms of both workforce and capital investment.

The Radiotherapy Data Set (RTDS) allows for the routine collection of clinically and managerially relevant ACTIVITY data from Radiotherapy facilities, in order to commission or monitor Radiotherapy Services in an evidence-based manner.

All NHS funded facilities in England providing Radiotherapy Services are required to return data to Public Health England (PHE) for all ACTIVITY undertaken on Teletherapy and Brachytherapy MACHINES, or with radioisotopes not contained within a Teletherapy or Brachytherapy MACHINE.

The Radiotherapy Data Set accompanies the Out-Patient Commissioning Data Set for PATIENTS attending for Radiotherapy.

Where in-patients attend for Radiotherapy, a Radiotherapy Attendance record should be submitted to Public Health England along with the Out-Patient Commissioning Data Set for the In-Patient Attendance.

For further guidance, see the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service website at: National Radiotherapy Data Set (RTDS).

Data Submission

The Radiotherapy Data Set should be submitted to Public Health England by the 15th working day of each month. The extracts should include all Radiotherapy Attendance records for the previous calendar month.

The Radiotherapy Data Set should be submitted in the approved format and accompanied by the Out-Patient Commissioning Data Set.

Data should be submitted using the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) upload portal on the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service website at: National Radiotherapy Data Set (RTDS).

Further Guidance

Further guidance for submission of the Radiotherapy Data Set is provided by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service at: National Radiotherapy Data Set (RTDS).