An indication of whether a PATIENT is making a first attendance or contact; or a follow-up attendance or contact and whether the CONSULTATION MEDIUM USED national code was 'Face to face communication' or 'Telephone' or 'Telemedicine web camera'.

A first attendance is the first in a series, or only attendance of an APPOINTMENT which took place regardless of how many previous APPOINTMENTS were made which did not take place for whatever reason. All subsequent attendances in the series which take place should be recorded as follow-up.

National Codes:

1First attendance face to face
2Follow-up attendance face to face
3First telephone or telemedicine consultation
4Follow-up telephone or telemedicine consultation
5Referral To Treatment Clock Stop Administrative Event*

Note: *Referral to Treatment Clock Stop Administrative Event allows the Secondary Uses Service to build accurate PATIENT PATHWAYS for the reporting of 18 weeks activity. It flows through the CDS V6-2 Type 020 - Outpatient Commissioning Data Set structure. See Referral To Treatment Clock Stop Administrative Event.


This attribute is also known by these names: