The type of time that defines the usage with regard to the ACTIVITY.

An ACTIVITY may have many times associated with it but may only have one time of a particular type.

National Codes:

50Accident and Emergency Attendance Conclusion Time
51Accident and Emergency Departure Time
52Accident and Emergency Initial Assessment Time
53Accident and Emergency Time Seen For Treatment
54Arrival At Hospital Time (Retired April 2012)
55ARRIVAL TIME (Retired April 2012)
56End Time
57Event Time (Retired July 2012)
58Initial Patient Contact Time (Retired July 2012)
59Last Dosage Time (Retired April 2019)
60Pathology Result Due Time (Retired April 2019)
61Start Time
62Theatre Case Time In To Theatre Suite (Retired September 2012)
63Theatre Case Time Out Of Theatre (Retired September 2012)
64Theatre Case Time Out Of Theatre Suite (Retired September 2012)
65Time Seen (Retired September 2018)
66Discharge Ready Time (Retired April 2012)
67Arrival Time At Accident and Emergency Department
68Arrival Time For Transport Requests (Retired September 2015)
69Discharge Time
70Clinical Intervention Time
71Care Contact Time
72Indirect Activity Time
73Service Discharge Time (Retired September 2018)
74Referral Closure Time
75Onward Referral Time (Retired September 2018)
76Emergency Care Arrival Time
77Emergency Care Initial Assessment Time
78Emergency Care Time Seen For Treatment
79Emergency Care Attendance Conclusion Time
80Emergency Care Departure Time
81Injury Time (Retired September 2018)
82Referred To Service Assessment Time (Retired September 2018)
83Procedure Time
84Care Plan Agreed Time
85Care Plan Creation Time
86Care Plan Last Updated Time
87Referral Rejection Time
88Observable Entity Time

Note: This list is not in alphabetical order.


This attribute is also known by these names: