Hospital Provider Spell

Hospital Provider Spell is an ACTIVITY GROUP.

The total continuous stay of a PATIENT using a Hospital Bed on premises controlled by a Health Care Provider during which medical care is the responsibility of one or more CONSULTANTS, or the PATIENT is receiving care under one or more Nursing Episodes or Midwife Episodes in a WARD. During Nursing Episodes and Midwife Episodes general medical care is the responsibility of their own GENERAL MEDICAL PRACTITIONER, who is not acting as a CONSULTANT. The Hospital Provider Spell may be as a result of an ELECTIVE ADMISSION LIST ENTRY.

During the Hospital Provider Spell, the PATIENT may be subject to more than one ADMINISTRATIVE CATEGORY PERIODS. The PATIENT may be subject to one or more CRITICAL CARE PERIODS.

The Hospital Provider Spell starts when a CONSULTANT, NURSE or MIDWIFE assumes responsibility for care following the DECISION TO ADMIT the PATIENT. This may be before formal admission procedures have been completed and the PATIENT transferred to a WARD. For example, if a PATIENT is brought into hospital as an emergency and dies in the OPERATING THEATRE before being transferred to a WARD, the PATIENT would have started a Hospital Provider Spell.

In some circumstances a PATIENT may take Home Leave, or Mental Health Leave of Absence for a period of 28 days or less, or have a current period of Mental Health Absence Without Leave of 28 days or less, which does not interrupt the Hospital Provider Spell, Consultant Episode (Hospital Provider), Nursing Episode, Midwife Episode or Hospital Stay.

Each admission as part of a series of regular day/night admissions generates a separate Hospital Provider Spell and Consultant Episode (Hospital Provider). An admission is the start of the PATIENT's Hospital Provider Spell and the first Consultant Episodes (Hospital Provider), Midwife Episode or Nursing Episode within the spell. If the PATIENT is on a Hospital Site the admission will also start the first Hospital Stay and, unless the PATIENT has to spend time as a LODGED PATIENT, the admission will also start the first Ward Stay within that Hospital Provider Spell. If the PATIENT is in a Care Home the admission will start the first Care Home Stay (Consultant Care) within the Hospital Provider Spell. Any admission of a PERSON liable to be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 cannot be in a Care Home and must be a Hospital Provider Spell.

A discharge will be the end of the last Consultant Episode (Hospital Provider), Midwife Episode or Nursing Episode, and the end of the last Care Home Stay (Consultant Care) or Hospital Stay and Ward Stay within that Hospital Provider Spell.

If there is any time spent as a LODGED PATIENT before transfer to a WARD this is included in the Hospital Provider Spell.

A Hospital Provider Spell starts with a Hospital Provider admission and ends with a Hospital Provider discharge.

There may be one or more Mental Health Delayed Discharge Periods recorded for any Consultant Episode (Hospital Provider) within the Hospital Provider Spell.


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