Hospital Episode Statistics

Hospital Episode Statistics is a data warehouse containing details of all admissions to NHS hospitals in England. It includes private PATIENTS treated in NHS hospitals, PATIENTS who were resident outside of England and care delivered by treatment centres (including those in the independent sector) funded by the NHS. Hospital Episode Statistics also contain details of all NHS Out-Patient Appointments in England.

Hospital Episode Statistics is the data source for a wide range of healthcare analysis for the NHS, Government and many other ORGANISATIONS and individuals. It contains admitted patient care data from 1989 onwards, with more than 15 million new records added each year, and outpatient attendance data from 2003 onwards, with more than 60 million new records added each year. 

The Secondary Uses Service is used to collect data for input to the Hospital Episode Statistics process.

For further information on Hospital Episode Statistics, see the Health and Social Care Information Centre website at: Hospital Episode Statistics.


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