Day Care Attendance

Day Care Attendance is a CARE CONTACT.

One attendance, or expected attendance, by a PATIENT at a particular Day Care Session. This will either be by a regular attender or by a PATIENT currently using a Hospital Bed (including Home Leave and Mental Health Leave of Absence for a period of 28 days or less).

If the PATIENT is currently subject to a Mental Health Care Spell and during attendance at the facility is in contact with the CARE PROFESSIONAL who is their allocated care programme approach care coordinator then a Face To Face Contact CPA Care Coordinator should also be recorded.

For Day Care Attendance, first attendance is the first of a series, or only attendance, at Day Care Facilities of an ORGANISATION by either a PATIENT using a  Hospital Bed or a regular day attender. A re-attendance is any subsequent attendance at a Day Care Session of the same Health Care Provider by a PATIENT whose attender status has not changed since the previous attendance.

Information recorded for a Day Care Attendance includes:


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralDay Care Attendances