Clinic Attendance Non-Consultant

A Clinic Attendance Non-Consultant is a CARE CONTACT.

A Clinic Attendance Non-Consultant is an attendance at or contact with a Nurse Clinic, Midwife Clinic or Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic. This may have been as a result of an Out-Patient Appointment Non-Consultant.

If the PATIENT is currently subject to a Mental Health Care Spell and the NURSE they are in contact with during the attendance or contact is their allocated Care Programme Approach care coordinator then a Face To Face Contact CPA Care Coordinator should also be recorded.

Note: Attendances or contacts at clinics run by Paramedics are Professional Staff Group Contacts.

If an APPOINTMENT TIME was given, the time seen should be recorded.

Information recorded for a Clinic Attendance Non-Consultant includes:

Time Seen   O (if appointment time given)

This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralClinic Attendances Non-Consultant