Community Information Data Set Overview

Contextual Overview

The Community Information Data Set provides national definitions for the data required to generate consistent PERSON-based data from care records, which should be used for reporting and to monitor and manage Community Health Service provision. 

The data collected in the Community Information Data Set is provided by Community Health Care Providers in England, and is in respect of any PATIENT in receipt of or referred to Community Health Services in England who is funded via an NHS Standard Contract.

The Community Information Data Set is used by the Department of Health, commissioners and providers of Community Health Services and PATIENTS, as the data set provides:

The data is also used for the following national and local purposes:

Submission information 

The Community Information Data Set is for local use only.

A future Information Standards Notice will be published to notify providers and system suppliers of the requirement to flow the data set nationally.

Further guidance

Further guidance has been produced by NHS Digital and is available at: Community Information Data Set.