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DIAGNOSTIC CODING (DIABETES RELEVANT ICD-10) is the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) code identified in the following relevant conditions and complications associated with the diabetic condition: The list shows those conditions and complications currently extracted by QUIDS using data linkage to Hospital Episode Statistics (HES).

ICD-10 Codes for relevant conditions and complications

HYPERDKA (Hyperglycaemic emergencies)
E10.1Type 1 diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis
E11.1Type 2 diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis
E13.1Other specified diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis
E14.1Unspecified diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis
E10.0Type 1 diabetes mellitus with coma
E11.0Type 2 diabetes mellitus with coma
E13.0Other specified diabetes mellitus with coma
E14.0Unspecified diabetes mellitus with coma
I20.0Unstable angina
I20.1Angina pectoris with documented spasm
I20.8Other forms of angina pectoris
I20.9Angina pectoris, unspecified
MI (Myocardial Infarction) 
I21.0Acute transmural myocardial infarction of anterior wall
I21.1Acute transmural myocardial infarction of inferior wall
I21.2Acute transmural myocardial infarction of other sites
I21.3Acute transmural myocardial infarction of unspecified site
I21.4Acute subendocardial myocardial infarction
I21.9Acute myocardial infarction, unspecified
I22.0Subsequent myocardial infarction of anterior wall
I22.1Subsequent myocardial infarction of inferior wall
I22.8Subsequent myocardial infarction of other sites
I22.9Subsequent myocardial infarction of unspecified site
CF (Cardiac Failure) 
I50.0Congestive heart failure.
I50.1Left ventricular failure.
I50.9Heart failure, unspecified
CVA (Stroke / Cerebro-Vascular Accident) 
I61.0Intracerebral haemorrhage in hemisphere, subcortical
I61.1Intracerebral haemorrhage in hemisphere, cortical
I61.2Intracerebral haemorrhage in hemisphere, unspecified
I61.3Intracerebral haemorrhage in brain stem
I61.4Intracerebral haemorrhage in cerebellum
I61.5Intracerebral haemorrhage, intraventricular
I61.6Intracerebral haemorrhage, multiple localised
I61.8Other intracerebral haemorrhage
I61.9Intracerebral haemorrhage, unspecified
I63.0Cerebral infarct due to thrombosis of precerebral arteries
I63.1Cerebral infarction due to embolism of precerebral arteries
I63.2Cerebral infarct due to unspecified occlusion or stenos of precerebral arteries
I63.3Cerebral infarction due to thrombosis of cerebral arteries
I63.4Cerebral infarction due to embolism of cerebral arteries
I63.5Cerebral infarction due to unspecified occlusion or stenosis of cerebral arteries
I63.6Cerebral infarction due to cerebral venous thrombosis, nonpyogenic
I63.8Other cerebral infarction
I63.9Cerebral infarction, unspecified
I64.XStroke, not specified as haemorrhage or infarction
RRT (End stage renal failure requiring renal replacement therapy) 
N18.5Chronic kidney disease, stage 5
Z99.2Dependence on renal dialysis
Z49.0Preparatory care for dialysis
Z49.1Extracorporeal dialysis
Z49.2Other dialysis

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