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This data element will be used in the national transmission of the Community Information Data Set. The Community Information Data Set is initially being introduced for local use only, from 1 April 2012. A future Information Standard and Collection (including Extraction) Notice will be published to notify providers and system suppliers of the requirement to flow the data set nationally, and give further details relating to unique record identifiers and how the data will be handled by the receiving system.  The definition of the CIDS UNIQUE IDENTIFIER is given below to enable providers and system suppliers to prepare the data for national flow.

CIDS UNIQUE IDENTIFIER is used in conjunction with ORGANISATION CODE (PROVIDER AT RECORD CREATION) to uniquely identify a record within a Community Information Data Set submission to the Secondary Uses Service.

When Net Change Community Information Data Set Update Mechanism is used, the CIDS UNIQUE IDENTIFIER and ORGANISATION CODE (PROVIDER AT RECORD CREATION) originally assigned to a record must be retained, otherwise duplicate Community Information Data Set records will be created in the Secondary Uses Service database.

When the CIDS UNIQUE IDENTIFIER is used in a Bulk Update Community Information Data Set Update Mechanism submission, it is used to uniquely identify the record within that submission only, if systems are unable to maintain it across the life of the record in submissions to the Secondary Uses Service.  However, it is strongly advised that users of the Bulk Replacement Community Information Data Set Update Mechanism do move towards the maintenance of a correctly generated CIDS UNIQUE IDENTIFIER within the Community Information Data Set data. This will establish a migration path towards the use of the Net Change update mechanism, and will also then minimise the risk of creating duplicate Community Information Data Set data in the Secondary Uses Service database.

The CIDS UNIQUE IDENTIFIER must not be based upon or contain any patient-identifiable information, as this contravenes the legal requirements for withholding information under the circumstances described in Security Issues and Patient Confidentiality.  Therefore the CIDS UNIQUE IDENTIFIER must NOT contain the NHS NUMBER or any LOCAL PATIENT IDENTIFIER which could enable the identification of the PATIENT.


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