The medical condition or reason for a Sexual Health and HIV Episode.

National Codes:

 Diagnosis and/or treatment of infection or disease  
Code Description 
A1Primary syphilis
A2Secondary syphilis
A3Early latent syphilis
A4Cardiovascular syphilis
A6All other late and latent syphilis
C2Lymphogranuloma venereum
C4Chlamydial infection
C4NNon-specific genital infection (NSGI)
C5APelvic inflammatory disease and epididymitis
C5BOphthalmia neonatorum
C6BAnaerobic/Bacterial vaginosis and anaerobic balanitis
C6COther vaginosis/vaginitis/ balanitis
C7Anogenital candidosis
C9Pediculosis pubis
C10AAnogenital Herpes simplex: first episode
C10BAnogenital Herpes simplex: recurrence
C11AAnogenital warts infection: first episode
C11DAnogenital warts infection: recurrence
C12Molluscum contagiosum
C13Viral hepatitis B (HbsAg positive): First diagnosis
C14Viral hepatitis C: first diagnosis
C15Viral hepatitis A: acute infection
C16Mycoplasma genitalium
D2AUrinary Tract Infection
D2BOther conditions requiring treatment at Level 3 Genitourinary Medicine Services
HHIV positive - Previously Diagnosed
H1New HIV diagnosis
H1ANew HIV diagnosis: Acute
H1BNew HIV diagnosis: Late infection(AIDS defined)
H2Attendance for HIV-related care
P4ACervical cytology: minor abnormality
P4BCervical cytology: major abnormality
 Sexual Health Services Provided
To record PATIENTS receiving Sexual Health Services or undergoing tests.  
T1Chlamydia test
T2Chlamydia and gonorrhoea tests
T3Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis tests
T4Full sexual health screen including HIV antibody test
T5Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Test
T6Hepatitis A/B/C Test
TT3 Site Testing (chlamydia and gonorrhoea)
T7Syphilis and HIV Testing
T8Self sampling (urinalysis/swabs) without Health Care worker consultation
T9STI testing not required/appropriate
T10Rapid testing (STI and/or HIV)
P1AHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) antibody test (no sexual health screen)
P1BHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) antibody test offered and refused
P1CHIV test inappropriate
P2AHepatitis B vaccination: 1st dose
P2BHepatitis B vaccination: 2nd dose
P2CHepatitis B vaccination: 3rd dose
P2DHepatitis B vaccination: 4th dose
P2EHepatitis B vaccination: Booster
P2IHepatitis B immune
P3CONTRACEPTION (excluding condom provision)
P4Cervical cytology done
REF1Referral from Chlamydia Screening Programme
REF2Referral from Level 2 Sexual Health Service
REF3Referral from home testing/sampling service
SG1Shigella flexneri
SG2Shigella sonnei
SG3Shigella other/unspecified
SRHSexual and Reproductive Health PATIENT
W1HPV vaccination: 1st dose
W2HPV vaccination: 2nd dose
W3HPV vaccination: 3rd dose
PNPartner notification initiated
PNCPartner notification: Chlamydia
PNGPartner notification: Gonorrhoea
PNHPartner notification: HIV
PNNPartner notification: Non-specific genital infection
PNPPartner notification: PID/Epididymitis
PNSPartner notification: Syphilis
PNTPartner notification: Trichomoniasis/vaginosis/vaginitis/balanitis/candidosis
PR1Pregnant 1-12 weeks
PR2Pregnant 13-28 weeks
PR3Pregnant 39-40 weeks
PEPSPost exposure prophylaxis after sexual exposure (PEPSE)
D3Other Sexual Health and HIV Episodes not requiring treatment
O11-O99Research/New/Urgent reporting

Sexual Assault (Acute Presentation)


Sexual Assault (Non - acute Presentation)

 Special PATIENT Groups
To record additional information on certain PATIENT groups receiving Sexual Health Services or undergoing tests. Codes to be reported separately at each FIRST ATTENDANCE.  
SWSex Worker
 Suffixes to Codes
To record additional information about the PATIENT’s presentation or a Sexual Health Service given. This information may be collected through the use of suffixes which can be applied to the SEXUAL HEALTH AND HIV ACTIVITY PROPERTY TYPE. Where appropriate, multiple suffixes can be used on the same SEXUAL HEALTH AND HIV ACTIVITY PROPERTY TYPE. The suffixes and the codes with which they can be used are given below. These codes are appended to the SEXUAL HEALTH AND HIV ACTIVITY PROPERTY TYPE.  
RRectal infection
OPharyngeal infection
XDiagnosed previously elsewhere
MMedication given
QQuadrivalent HPV vaccine
 Permissible Code Permutations Using Suffixes  
 A - Syphilis
A1XPrimary syphilis - diagnosed elsewhere
A2XSecondary syphilis - diagnosed elsewhere
A3XEarly latent syphilis - diagnosed elsewhere
A4XCariovascular syphilis - diagnosed elsewhere
A5XNeurosyphillis syphilis - diagnosed elsewhere
A6XAll other late and latent syphilis - diagnosed elsewhere
A7AXCongenital syphilis - diagnosed elsewhere
 B - Gonorrhoea
BRRectal infection
BOPharayngeal infection
BXDiagnosed previously elsewhere
BMMedication given
BRXRectal infection, Diagnosed previously elsewhere
BRMRectal infection, Medication given 
BOXPharayngeal infection, Diagnosed previously elsewhere 
BOMPharayngeal infection, Medication given 
 C4 - Chlamydia
C4RRectal infection
C4OPharayngeal infection 
C4XDiagnosed previously elsewhere 
C4MMedication given 
C4RXRectal infection, Diagnosed previously elsewhere 
C4RMRectal infection, Medication given 
C4OXRectal infection, Diagnosed previously elsewhere 
C4OMRectal infection, Medication given 
 C2 - LGV
C2RRectal infection 
C2OPharayngeal infection 
 C6A - Trichomoniasis
C6AXTrichomoniasis - diagnosed elsewhere
 H1 - HIV
H1XDiagnosed previously elsewhere 
 H1A - HIV
H1AXDiagnosed previously elsewhere 
 H1B - HIV
H1BXDiagnosed previously elsewhere 
 C10A - HSV
C10AMMedication given
 C10B - HSV
C10BMMedication given 
 C11A - Warts
C11AMMedication given 
 C11D - Warts
C11DMMedication given 
 W1 - HPV Vaccine
W1QQuadrivalent Vaccine
 W2 - HPV Vaccine
W2QQuadrivalent Vaccine 
 W3 - HPV Vaccine
W3QQuadrivalent Vaccine 

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