CONSULTATION MEDIUM USED identifies the communication mechanism used to relay information between the CARE PROFESSIONAL and the PERSON who is the subject of the consultation, during a CARE ACTIVITY.

The telephone or telemedicine consultation should directly support diagnosis and care planning and must replace a face to face Out-Patient Attendance Consultant, Clinic Attendance Nurse or Clinic Attendance Midwife, types of CARE ACTIVITY. A record of the telephone or telemedicine consultation must be retained in the PATIENT's records.

Telephone contacts solely for informing PATIENTS of results are excluded.

National Codes:

01Face to face communication
03Telemedicine web camera
04Talk type for a PERSON unable to speak
05Email **
06Short Message Service (SMS) - Text Messaging **
98Other * 

* Note - National Code 98 'Other' is only used for the Community Information Data Set.  It is NOT valid in any other data set including Commissioning Data Set version 6-2.

** Note National Codes 05 'Email' and 06 'Short Message Service (SMS) - Text Messaging' are not valid for Commissioning Data Set version 6-2.


This attribute is also known by these names: