CONSULTATION MEDIUM USED identifies the communication mechanism used to relay information between the CARE PROFESSIONAL and the PERSON who is the subject of the consultation, during a CARE ACTIVITY.

The telephone or telemedicine consultation should directly support diagnosis and care planning and must replace a face to face Out-Patient Attendance Consultant, Clinic Attendance Nurse or Clinic Attendance Midwife, types of CARE ACTIVITY. A record of the telephone or telemedicine consultation must be retained in the PATIENT's records.

Telephone contacts solely for informing PATIENTS of results are excluded.

National Codes:

01Face to face communication
03Telemedicine web camera
04Talk type for a PERSON unable to speak
05Email **
06Short Message Service (SMS) - Text Messaging **
98Other * 

* Note - National Code 98 'Other' is only used for the Community Information Data Set and the Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity Data Set. It is NOT valid in any other data set including Commissioning Data Set version 6-2.

** Note National Codes 05 'Email' and 06 'Short Message Service (SMS) - Text Messaging' are not valid for Commissioning Data Set version 6-2.


This attribute is also known by these names: